I am software engineer currently working externally for large CAD software house. My hobbies cover computer hardware and software ranging from low level microcontroller hardware design and firmware programming up to end user GUI application programming. I also like to fiddle with all sorts of mechanical stuff like cars, motorbikes and I like to connect programming with real world into real life applications. I am trying to take my hobbies as challenges and always to learn something new.

Primary impulse to create this web was invoice for podpivnik.eu domain which arrived recently. I told myself that if I have to pay another money for this domain it would worth of putting something meaningful on there. While I am out of web design business for quite a long time I took this project as an opportunity to practise some new trends in web design. Thus this web tries to be as responsive as possible while it looks that responsiveness is the current top buzzword in webdesign industry.

Secondary impulse is that I wrote various wiki articles / posts covering various topics. These posts are mostly in niche languages like czech or slovak language and are really not much useful for the rest of world. For long time I played with the idea to collect these posts, translate them and put them on single web. Well this web should host all those posts once I translate them.

Why the name podpivnik? It is slovak term for round piece of carton which is usually placed under glass of beer in restaurants. We used this term to call the physical server on which this domain was running back then. Both physical rack servers and "podpivniks" share the property of being flat. Additionally we used to place other things onto the server which was the cause why it gained this nickname. The machine is retired now but I want to keep the hostname as reminder of those old days.